PSD Global FAQ and Support



1) Is my order eligible for a return?

You have rights to return items under applicable local law. In addition, we provide a goodwill returns policy, meaning you may be able to return items within 30 days of delivery. Please see the PlayStation Direct Returns and Refund Policy for more details. Nothing in that policy limits or replaces your rights under applicable local law. Any products returned under our 30-day goodwill policy must be sent back in their original condition, with the original packaging, and include any manuals, cables and accessories. We cannot accept returns under our 30-day goodwill policy for voucher code purchases if the code has already been redeemed.


2) When will I receive a credit for my return?

Once we receive your return, we will process it within two working days. Depending on your financial institution's processing time, please allow at least 8-10 business days after we process the return for it to reflect on your account.


3) How do I cancel an order before it ships?

You can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it to prevent it from being sent to you. You can do this from either the order details page or the order lookup page.

From the footer, click on Order Status:

  • Enter your order number and the email address you used. 
  • Click on Submit.

From the Order Details page:

  • Click on the cancel order button.
  • Click Yes

You will only be able to cancel a whole order. If you no longer want a line item from your order, you will need to return the full order for a refund and re-order.

If your order is cancelled successfully, you won’t be charged for the order. However, if you selected a credit/debit card or PayPal as your payment method, a hold on your funds would have been made. This hold will be removed, usually within 7 days, depending on your financial institution.


4) How do I return an order?

If you wish to return physical goods:

From the footer, click on Order Status:

  • Enter your order number and the email address you used.
  • Click on Submit.

From the Order Details page:

If you wish to return a voucher code, please contact Customer Support via chat at the bottom of this page.

Your returns are important to us. You'll need to pack your PlayStation product safely and securely before shipping it back to us, as we cannot be held responsible for anything damaged in transit to us. Here are some tips:


Choose the right packaging


  • Use high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes. We recommend double- or triple-walled sturdy boxes, especially for heavy items
  • Make sure your box has enough surface area free for the return labels
  • Please use the original packaging where possible
  • Use jiffy bags for small items such as software


  • Avoid re-using boxes that may have lost their strength
  • Avoid using boxes with any visible damage such as tears, holes or dents or corner damage
  • Avoid using bin liners or fabric bags, as these will not protect products


Internal Protection


  • Use void filler such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap or brown packing paper to avoid items moving around
  • Place your items in the middle of the box, where possible, and pack around with protection
  • Wrap items in bubble wrap, if possible individually


  • Don’t leave hollow space inside the box as the contents may move around
  • Don’t over-pack or under-pack the box as it may dent or burst
  • Avoid fragile items touching each other or packing against the side of the box


Sealing your parcel


  • Use strong tape, 4-5 cm wide, such as parcel tape or vinyl tape
  • Flatten any sharp edges from staples or metal and cover with tape
  • Seal securely along all edges and openings



  • Avoid using thin household tape such as Sellotape or masking tape
  • Avoid using string
  • Don’t use staples or metal fixings


Labelling your parcel


  • If affixing the label, make sure that all barcodes are visible and a copy of the label is placed inside the parcel in case the external one is damaged or falls off
  • If using an old box, remove or cover any old labels and barcodes
  • Check that a returns address is visible on the outside of the box
  • You must return your items from the same country you purchased the items from
  • Please ensure that you dispatch your parcel promptly to avoid delays


  • Do not cover any part of the label
  • Do not fold the label over any edge 


Once you have packaged your return, affix the label and take the package to your nearest drop-off point.

Please retain proof of postage.


5) How do I replace an order? 

From the footer, click on Order Status:

  • Enter your order number, and the email address and phone number you used for your billing details.
  • Find the order in question and click on Return.
  • Select the items and click on Replacement.

From the Order Details page:

  • Find the order in question and click on Return.
  • Select the items and click on Replacement.


6) When will I receive my replacement order? 

Once we receive your return, we will process the replacement within three working days. You will receive a confirmation email once the order has been shipped. Once shipped, your item will be delivered within one to two working days.


7) Is my purchase covered under warranty?

Yes. You have the following options:

If you live in the UK or an EEA country, you can claim against PlayStation Direct as a retailer if the goods we sold you are faulty/do not conform to the contract of sale. You usually have two years from when we deliver the goods to make a claim, but applicable local laws may give you extra protection which will extend that period. If we accept your claim, we will arrange for a repair or replacement free of charge. If your goods develop a fault within the first 30 days after delivery, please contact customer service by using the chat functionality on the PS Direct website.  For goods that become faulty after this period, please contact PlayStation Support on +44 203 538 2665.


In addition to any rights you have against PlayStation Direct as a retailer, PlayStation® consoles and accessories purchased from PlayStation Direct also benefit from a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. Please visit for details of what is covered. The manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to your rights under applicable local laws and does not affect those rights in any way. Visit for troubleshooting support or, depending on the product, to arrange a repair or replacement under your manufacturer's warranty.